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Proposed Roundabouts 

Roundabout Open House: A public meeting about proposed roundabouts took place on March 21, 2013, at Clark Middle School. The open house was a 'come and go' format, allowing residents to speak with city traffic engineers and consultants.

Click here to view results of the meeting.

We want your feedback: The Frisco City Council and city staff are interested in hearing from you. See below for materials related to the proposed roundabouts.

Modern Roundabouts:  A Safer Solution - Video produced by U.S. Department of Transporation

Modern Roundabout Feasibility Study - Ohio Drive at Gaylord, Warren and Prestmont Place

Ohio Drive Feasibility Study - Presented to Frisco City Council, November 2012

Proposed roundabout 2015* - Video

Proposed roundabout 2030* - Video

*Based on traffic volume forecasts for specified years


 characteristic    Traffic Circle


Modern Roundabout
 Traffic Control Traffic in the circle yields to entering traffic.  As traffic volumes increase, traffic circles would lock up and would require the addition of stop signs and/or traffic signals to function. Traffic entering the roundabout must yield to traffic already traveling on the circular roadway. In a multilane roundabout, you do not change lanes.
 Size Typically 300 feet or more in diameter.  Roundabouts are typically 90 to 180 feet in diameter.
Speed Since traffic circles are larger, they are usually accompanied by higher speeds and lane changing issues. Roundabouts are designed to keep speeds around 20mph to 25mph. This increases safety, so when a crash does occur, it is a low speed crash typically, resulting in property damage only.
Safety Traffic circles have high-speed right angle (t-bone) crashes just like a traditional intersection. Roundabouts by design have vehicles enter the circular roadway at an angle.  This angled entry combined with the use of channelizing islands slows vehicles and reduces the number of conflict points. This results in the elimination of high-speed right angle (t-bone) crashes, and when crashes do occur, they are typically low speed crashes with only property damage.

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