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Flashing Yellow Arrow 

The City of Frisco is installing new traffic signal displays with a Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) to improve safety, to reduce traffic delays and to provide traffic engineers flexibility during variable traffic volumes. The FYA left-turn signal replaces the circular green indication for left turns at selected intersections and helps drivers make better choices about turning left when oncoming traffic is clear. 

                View a video about FYA Signals
              Read march 21, 2012 press release 

Safer intersections
National studies show drivers are less likely to make an unsafe decision when turning left using a FYA signal instead of the circular green traffic indication only.

Less delay
Drivers have more opportunities to make a left turn with a FYA than with a traditional circular green left-turn indication. This reduces wait times at intersections and helps keep more traffic moving.

Signal timing flexibility 
Traffic engineers have more options to handle variable traffic volumes. As a result, drivers may not see the flashing yellow arrow or steady green arrow every time. The signals can be programmed to better serve the traffic demands at the intersection depending on the time of day.

Frisco Intersections with FYA signals
The following intersections have been converted to the FYA left-turn displays:

- Coit Road at College Parkway
- Coit Road at Rolater Road
- Custer Road at Eldorado Parkway
- Custer Road at Main Street
- Custer Road at McKinney Towne Crossing/Custer Bridges
- Custer Road at Rolater Road
- Custer Road at Stonebridge Drive
- Eldorado Parkway at Coit Road
- Eldorado Parkway at Eldorado Market Place
- Eldorado Parkway at Frisco Street
- Eldorado Parkway at Hillcrest Road
- Eldorado Parkway at Independence Parkway
- Eldorado Parkway at Legacy Drive
- Eldorado Parkway at Lenox Lane
- Eldorado Parkway at North County Road
- Eldorado Parkway at Rogers Road
- Eldorado Parkway at Woodsboro Way
- Eldorado Parkway at Walmart
- FM 423 at Del Webb Boulevard
- FM 423 at Lebanon Road
- FM 423 at Main Street
- FM 423 at Stonebrook Parkway
- Hillcrest Road at College Parkway/Ohio Drive
- Hillcrest Road at Rolater Road
- Independence Parkway at Kelmscot Drive
- Lebanon Road at Hillcrest Road
- Lebanon Road at Legendary Drive
- Lebanon Road at Lonestar Ranch
- Lebanon Road at Ohio Drive
- Lebanon Road at Parkwood Boulevard
- Lebanon Road at Preston Road
- Lebanon Road at Starwood Drive
- Legacy Drive at Academy Drive
- Legacy Drive at Lakehill Boulevard
- Legacy Drive at Panther Creek Parkway
- Legacy Drive at Stonebriar Drive
- Legacy Drive at Stonebrook Parkway 
- Legacy Drive at Town & Country Boulevard
- Legacy Drive at Wakeland
- Legacy Drive at Warren Parkway
- Main Street at 5th Street
- Main Street at Kyser Way
- Main Street at North County
- Main Street at Teel Parkway
- Preston Road at Gary Burns Drive
- Preston Road at Hickory Street
- Preston Road at John Hickman Parkway
- Preston Road at Main Street
- Preston Road at Meadowhill Drive
- Preston Road at Panther Creek Parkway
- Preston Road at Rockhill Parkway
- Preston Road at Rolater/Stonebrook Parkway
- Preston Road at Wade Boulevard
- Rolater Road at Independence Parkway
- Teel Parkway at Eldorado Parkway
- Teel Parkway at Lebanon Road
- Teel Parkway at Old Orchard Drive
- Teel Parkway at Panther Creek Parkway
- Teel Parkway at Stonebrook Parkway

Each month additional traffic signals that allow protected/permitted left-turn displays will be converted to the FYA signals. All new traffic signals constructed in Frisco will include the FYA design.

Funds for the FYA project will come from the general fund for traffic signal maintenance.  

Guide to FYA Traffic Signals


     Steady red arrow indicates drivers turning left must stop and cannot enter the intersection.

Steady yellow arrow indicates the signal is about to turn red. Do not enter the intersection if the vehicle can safely stop. 

Flashing yellow arrow (FYA) indicates drivers may proceed making a left turn with caution when there is an adequate gap. (Drivers are yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians who have a green light and the right-of-way.)

Steady green arrow indicates drivers turning left have the right-of-way at the intersection. 

The Federal Highway Administration approved flashing yellow arrow (FYA) signals for widespread use in 2009. The 2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD), released in December 2011, requires  the city to install FYA left-turn displays at signals with protected/permitted left-turns.

For more information, please contact:
Brian Moen
Assistant Director of Engineering Services/Transportation

City of Frisco, Texas
George A. Purefoy Municipal Center

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Frisco, Texas 75034
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