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Frisco Reminds Residents to use Water Wisely due to Drought, Zebra Mussels; Time of Day Watering Restrictions in Effect, Twice-a-Week Watering Recommended 

(April 7, 2011) Persisting drought and a reduced, regional water supply due to the potential threat of zebra mussels are two more reasons why Frisco residents need to use water wisely.

As a result, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) which supplies water to Frisco, as well as 45 other cities and communities, will initiate Stage 1 of its Water Conservation and Drought Contingency and Water Emergency Plan beginning April 19.

“The good thing is, our own plan meets all the conditions of the district’s (NTMWD) Stage 1 requirements,” said Gary Hartwell, Director of Public Works.  “For Frisco residents, there are no surprises, no changes and no new requirements.”  

The City of Frisco’s Water Management Plan is in effect year round. The city’s plan imposes time of day restrictions and recommends limiting outdoor watering to two-days-per-week during Daylight Saving Time (DST), which started March 13. Each year outdoor watering is not allowed between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. and between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. during DST.

The watering schedule coincides with residents’ trash and recycling service day plus an additional day.  The restrictions apply to automatic sprinkler systems. To find out information about your additional watering day, go to www.friscotexas.gov/water... and view the watering schedule map. Hand watering, soaker hoses and drip bubbler systems are allowed any time of year.  This year DST runs through November 6.

Since meteorologists are forecasting moderate to extreme drought this summer, Hartwell says there is renewed urgency for Frisco residents to use water wisely.  During the April 4 City Council meeting, Hartwell reminded residents to subscribe to weekly watering advisories which use data from Frisco’s electronic weather station and comes to residents, via e-mail.  Residents can sign up for the free, e-news service by going to www.friscotexas.gov/water  There, residents can also find information about the city’s free, irrigation check-up  program.

Due to last year’s weather patterns, the City of Frisco reports watering wasn’t necessary 25 weeks out of the year.  The city did recommend residents water once-a-week for another 24 weeks.  “We recommended folks water twice a week during just three weeks last year,” said Hartwell.  “We’ll be fine if we all use water wisely.”

In 2009, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department discovered zebra mussels in Sister Grove Creek, a tributary of the East Fork of the Trinity River and used by NTMWD to transfer water from Lake Texoma.  While zebra mussels do not affect water quality, they are destructive to pipelines, boats and other hard surfaces and often result in costly repairs.    

NTMWD was instructed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to stop pumping water supplies from Lake Texoma in an effort to reduce the risk of infesting other area lakes; however, the end result is a loss of 22.5 percent of the district’s water supply. 

“We can’t afford to waste water,” said Hartwell.  “If everyone does their part, we can help NTMWD meet its goal of reducing water use by two percent.” 

For additional information, contact Melody Emadiazar, Water Education Coordinator, memadiazar@friscotexas.gov  972-292-5814.

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