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Alcohol Permits 

Beer and wine sales for off-premises consumption, as well as sales of mixed beverages, beer and wine for restaurants are allowed by permit and zoning, since approval by Frisco voters in 2002.  Currently the City of Frisco does not offer a permit for late night hours.

Obtaining An Alcohol Permit
The Office of the City Secretary processes applications and permits to allow alcohol sales within the City of Frisco ensuring compliance with all local ordinances and regulations. The city’s process takes approximately five to seven working days.  Applicants must also apply for a permit through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

New permits must be submitted with the following information: 
1. City of FriscoApplication for Alcoholic Beverage Permit
2. Completed application from the TABC
3. Certificate of Occupancy Number issued by the City of Frisco
4. Required fees (fees are listed on the City of Frisco application)
*Incomplete applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Renewal Permits must be submitted with the following information:
1. City of Frisco Application for Alcoholic Beverage Permit
2. Copy of your current TABC license
3. Required Fees (fees are listed on the City of Frisco application)
*Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Temporary Permits
If you are holding a special event you may need to apply for a temporay permit.  Before applying  for your temporary alcohol permit, please check with the Communications Department to ensure that you have the correct permits. You will also need to check with the local TABC office listed below to ensure compliance. 

Temporary Permits must be submitted with the following:
1.  Completed City of Frisco Verification for Daily Temporary Mixed Beverage Permit
2.  Location map indicating where beverages will be served during the event
3.  Permission letter from the property owner (if required)
4.  Required fees ($25 a day)

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Licensing Division
2225 E. Randol Mill Road, Suite 200
Arlington, TX  76011
(817) 652-5912
FAX (817) 607-2492

City of Frisco, Texas
George A. Purefoy Municipal Center

6101 Frisco Square Blvd
Frisco, Texas 75034
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