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Line Locate Request Form

  1. LL-Image Header
  2. Line locates are only needed if digging deeper than 18 inches.
  3. Example: Teel just north of Main
  4. Is locate new or refresh?*
    *Refresh Requests must be submitted four (4) days prior to expiration.
  5. Please note this should relate to work scheduled to be completed in the next 18 days. If project takes longer than 18 days, please request a refresh.
  6. The physical location should be marked in white paint, have the company's initials and the date the location was marked.
  7. Confirm by checking the box. *
  8. Examples of acceptable maps
    Map Example
  9. Example of an unacceptable map
    Map - Bad
  10. Good Map Signal_with north pointer
  11. Disclaimer
    Request for Line Locate for City wet utilities must be submitted 48 business hours before beginning work that connects to existing utilities or is in existing Right of Ways, and/or easements within four (4) feet of existing utilities. The line locates will be valid for a period of 18 consecutive calendar days. A Right of Way or TxDOT permit is required (ref. Ord. 02-05-65). Until locates are provided, excavation in areas noted above will be on hold.
  12. Damage to the City Infrastructure during construction requires immediate repair by those responsible for the damages. If the party responsible for the damages does not have the labor or materials to repair the infrastructure immediately, the City of Frisco Public Works Department will repair the damages and the cost of said repair is to be borne by the responsible party. The responsible party will only be able to continue work in the City of Frisco after the invoice is paid to the City of Frisco for the repair of the damages. Any work performed 18 days after a line locate was completed will require a new locate request. The line locate is an approximate location and it is the General Contractor’s responsibility to determine the actual elevations and horizontal locations by non-destructive methods. When working within 20 feet of a wet utility line 16 inches or larger, the contractor is required to pothole and contact a Public Works Line Locator for verification before construction begins.
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