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Police Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteer App Header
  2. Step 1: Application Process
    1) Complete the FPVA application

    2) Complete and notarize the Volunteer Agreement and Waiver

    3) Complete Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

    4) Return completed application and signed waiver to:

  3. Frisco Police Volunteers Association, Inc.
    Frisco Police Department Community Services Department

    7200 Stonebrook Parkway

    Frisco, Texas 75034

    Phone: (972) 292-6144

  4. Step 2.
    Your application will be reviewed by the FPVA and the Officer liaison of the Frisco Police Department. All areas must be completed in order to be processed. Please allow one month (30 days) for processing and background before you can expect a call.
  5. Step 3: Character Reference
    A minimum of three character references must be provided in this application. Failure to provide complete address and telephone number for references will result in application being returned.
  6. Step 4. Interview and Fingerprint
    Upon verification of three positive character references, applicants will be contacted by the FPD Liaison Officer to establish a time for an interview. Fingerprinting may or may not be a part of the interview.
  7. Step 5. Acceptance or Non-Acceptance
    All applicants will be notified by email of their acceptance or non-acceptance to the program. Applications may be denied with or without cause.
  8. Step 6.
    Upon acceptance of your application you will be required to attend the FPOV Training Academy which will consist of classroom instruction, written exam, and hands-on patrol training.
  9. Step 7.
    You will be required to attend and successfully complete a Frisco Citizens Police Academy within the 12 months following acceptance into the FPVA, if you have not already graduated from a Frisco Citizens Police Academy.
  10. The application must be returned completed and notarized by the application deadline. If you return the application after the deadline you will be placed on the waiting list for the next FPVA Academy.
  12. Organization's Policy*
    I certify all information contained on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief, and has been given voluntarily. I understand this information may be disclosed to any party with legal and proper interest, and I release the City of Frisco from any liability whatsoever for supplying such information. I understand a criminal record check will be conducted using the information disclosed on my application or by information provided on the background screen form provided to me. I understand that the background screen will be conducted on a yearly basis. I hereby authorize references listed on this application to answer any questions and to furnish any accurate information from their records concerning me, and I hereby release such companies and persons from any liability for such action. As a volunteer, I agree to perform to the best of my ability the tasks as outlined in my job description or the tasks established by my department supervisor; to accept supervision, maintain confidentiality; observe stated goals and objectives and give my supervisor adequate notice before termination as a volunteer. I understand I must familiarize myself with the City of Frisco Volunteer Policies and Procedures. I will not distribute literature of any type. As a volunteer, I understand I will not be paid for my services, and the City of Frisco will not provide me with employee benefits, accident insurance, death benefits, nor does the City of Frisco carry commercial general liability insurance covering volunteers. I fully understand and agree that either for failure to fully comply with all of the obligations outlined in the Volunteer Application, or for any reason whatsoever, while performing my voluntary services to the City of Frisco in voluntary capacity, the City of Frisco at its sole discretion, may immediately terminate my volunteer services.
  13. Upload a photo of your License
  14. Have you graduated from Frisco Citizens Police Academy? *
  15. How do you consider yourself using the Internet?*
  16. REFERENCES (Name, Address, City, Sate, Zip, Phone Number):
  18. Have you ever used any other names, other than a nickname, in filling out an official document?*
  20. List all volunteer organization past or present that you have been involved with. (Max 4)
  21. Have you ever volunteered as a Block Captain, participated in Neighborhood watch, or with any other Crime Prevention related program?*
  23. Within the last three (3) years, have you had a hearing because of the number of citations you have received?*
  24. Within the last three (3) years, have you been placed on probation due to the number of citations you have received?*
  25. Have you ever had your driver’s license suspended for any reason?*
  26. Within the last three (3) years, have you driven any vehicle without the proper insurance?*
  27. Do you have any unpaid traffic tickets?*
  28. Do you have any unpaid parking tickets?*
  29. Have you ever driven a vehicle after consuming an alcoholic beverage? *
  30. If so, have you ever driven a motor vehicle while intoxicated? *
  31. Have you ever driven a motor vehicle while under the influence of an illegal narcotic?*
  32. Have you ever struck a vehicle with the vehicle you were driving and left that location without contacting the owner or leaving your I.D.?*
  33. Have you ever run from the police, either on foot or in a motor vehicle?*
  35. Have you ever used an altered I.D. to illegally purchase alcohol/tobacco products or to get into clubs? *
  36. or....…the I.D. of another person.*
  37. or...…a purchased I.D*
  39. Have you ever given any illegal substance to another person?*
  40. Have you ever sold any illegal substance to another person?*
  41. Have you ever bought an illegal substance?*
  42. Have you ever been involved, in any way, in the manufacturing of any illegal substance?*
  44. Have you ever been arrested for, convicted of or cited for any offense other than traffic fines of $200 or less:*
  45. If yes, list below.
  46. Have you ever used any medication from someone else’s prescription?*
  47. Have you ever been involved, or assisted anyone, in the smuggling of an illegal substance into this country?*
  48. Have you ever provided money or any item of value to another person in order to assist them in purchasing an illegal substance?*
  49. Have you ever taken, under any circumstances, property that did not belong to you? If yes, list below.*
  51. Do you have access to the Internet from your home computer*
  52. Do you have an e-mail account that you regularly check from home*
  53. Do you know how to navigate your way around the Internet*
  55. Have you ever been in the military?*
    If yes, list branch and length of service.
  57. To the best of your knowledge, has any member of your family or spouse’s family been a member of, or been associated with, any subversive or militant organization or group which advocates the overthrow of the government by force or violence, with the intent to further its aims?*
  58. Have you or any of your associates ever been involved in, suspected of, or accused of the improper handling/compromise of sensitive or classified information?*
  59. Have you ever been a member of any street gang or paramilitary organization?*
  60. Have you taken part in a riot as a rioter? *
  61. Do you enjoy taking part in a fight?*
  62. Have you ever assisted another person in committing a theft, or took no action when you knew a theft was being committed?*
  63. Have you ever attempted, by word or action, to cause someone to believe you were a police officer, other than when employed as a certified officer?*
  64. Have you ever been employed by any law enforcement agency, civilian or military, in any capacity (dispatcher, detention officer, clerical, etc.)?*
  65. Have you ever been employed/volunteered for the purpose of providing security related functions (dispatcher, security officer, clerical, etc.)?*
  66. Have you ever filed an official report that contained incorrect statements? *
  67. Have you ever filed an official report that contained false statements?*
  68. Have you ever been accused of hurting a person or using more force than was necessary?*
  69. * indicates a required field
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