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Parks & Trails Naming Nomination Form

  1. Proposal is for:*
  2. Proposal is to Honor/Commemorate:*
  3. If nominating an individual, please provide the following information:
    Please provide the following contact information.
  4. Please explain why this asset should be considered for the name proposed. (See criteria for nominations on our Park Naming Policy web page.)
  5. Nominator's information
  6. Please Email Supporting Documents
    Please email supporting documents to Rick Wieland, [email protected] to include items such as pictures, newspaper articles, awards, certificates, letters of support or commendation, service records, etc.
  7. Consent
    I/We consent to the information contained in this application to be used for the purpose of allowing the Parks Naming Committee and Frisco City Council to receive input into the proposed naming. The information collected on this form will be used as part of the Park and Trail Naming Policy for Parks, Trails, Facilities and Assets only. By submitting this form electronically, I agree to these terms.
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