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Park Ops Materials

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  2. Materials Form

    These changes will be updated in Cityworks.

  3. **Example**

    How to Enter this Information into Cityworks

  4. Name of Item:

    Elmer's Glue

  5. Use/Description:

    For fence caps on athletic fields

  6. Unit/Unit of Measure:

    16 oz tube or (20) 16 oz tubes per case

  7. Cost:

    $1.50 ea or $30.00 per case

  8. *Any item that isn't single/one use item: Can be split when entering ELM

    (5-gallon paint vs. 1 sprinkler head)

  9. 5-gallon paint drum

    If you used half of it: Enter in CW as .5

  10. 16 oz tube of glue

    If you used 1/4 of it: Enter in CW as .25

  11. Add Materials:

    (New material not currently in Cityworks)

  12. (Irrigation, athletic fields, etc.)

  13. (Irrigation, athletic fields, etc.)

  14. (Irrigation, athletic fields, etc.)

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