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Heritage Museum Youth Tour

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  2. Youth Tour Request Form
  3. Scout Troops, Day Care Centers, and other groups may request guided tours of the Frisco Heritage Museum.
    Tour the Frisco Heritage Museum, includes: • Overview of life in Frisco when it was a small farming community representative of other Texas towns with similar origins • How cotton goes from field to cloth and its once important role in the area’s economy • Hands-on experience of printing on a vintage letterpress • Tour of the one room school house
  4. Tour Times:
    Tours are available between 10 am and 5 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Tours last approximately 1.5.
  5. Note:
    We cannot guarantee accommodation for late arrival of scheduled tours.
  6. Fees:
    $5.00 per group tour participant, ages 5-18. $4.00 per parent/chaperone (Paid on day of tour in our Welcome Center) No charge for Group Leader(s)
  7. Payment:
    You will receive an invoice, via email, for the number of participants in your tour reservation. Payment of invoice should be made 2 weeks before the scheduled tour date, or you may pay for the group immediately before the start of your tour in our Welcome Center by check or credit card.
  8. Group tour requests will be processed and scheduled in the order they are received and based on availability of staff and volunteers.
  9. *Minimum of 12 participants for reservation
  10. *No charge
  11. *$4 each, paid on day of tour
  12. Please ensure that there is one adult/chaperone for every 18-22 children under the age of 12.
  13. Example: 3:30 pm
  14. Tour confirmation and a preliminary invoice will be sent via email once Heritage Museum staff have verified the availability of your requested dates and times. Thank you!
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