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Frisco Athletic Center Auto-Draft Authorization

  1. Frisco Athletic Center Auto-Draft Authorization Form
  2. Member Information
    Primary Household Contact
  3. Auto-Draft Terms
    I understand that the City of Frisco will charge my credit or debit card on the initial start date of the membership unless the billing day falls on a weekend or holiday. On those occasions the charge will be made on the following business day.
  4. I understand that any changes to billing or contact information can be done at, or I can inform the Frisco Athletic Center staff in writing.
  5. I understand that nothing contained in this Authorization shall serve to reduce my obligation to pay for my membership, and the given authority shall remain in full force and effect until I provide written or electronic notification of cancellation. If the Frisco Athletic Center receives the cancellation request 5 business days before the initial start date of the membership, Auto-Draft will terminate, and my card will not be charged again. If the cancellation request is received after the 5 business days of the initial start date, the account will be billed for the following month. Monies paid in advance towards an Auto-Draft membership are not refundable, including payments processed in advance for renewal for the subsequent month.
  6. If the City of Frisco is unable to process my payment due to no fault of their own, I will be responsible for an alternate payment arrangement. I will pay the balance due and update debit or credit card information within 7 days of being notified that my payment was not processed. I will not be able to use the facility until I’ve paid the balance in full. I understand that my membership will remain active 30 days from the initial start date and the balance due will remain on my account until paid, regardless of when I return to the facility.
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