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Pre-Trial Court Date Request

  1. Pre-Trial Hearing Court Date Request

    This form is for first time notification. INDIVIDUALS IN A PAST DUE OR WARRANT STATUS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO UTILIZE THIS FORM. If you are in warrant or past due status, Contact the court at 972-292-5555, press "0" to speak with a clerk about options and appearance instructions. This form is for individuals that are requesting a Pre-Trial Hearing/Court Date. Pre-Trial Hearings are for those who are seeking to contest their citation or exercise their right to appear in open court. By using this form Defendants acknowledge that they MAY BE waiving their right to elect Driver's Safety Course Dismissal IF the hearing date IS BEYOND THE INITIAL APPEARANCE DATE on the citation (20 BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE OFFENSE DATE). You will receive confirmation of filing with the court in 10 Business Days and agree to receive the first court setting via email. The subsequent settings will be sent by mail, fax, or email at the Court's discretion.

  2. Court Response and Notice

    Court staff will respond to request for a pre-trial hearing within 10 BUSINESS DAYS VIA EMAIL. At this time all hearing will be via ZOOM. If you need any special accomodations, contact the court after you receive your notice. By submitting this request you are fulfilling your intial appearnce.

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