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Driver's Safety Course (DSC) Completion Submittal Form

  1. Read Carefully and Completely

    You may use this form to submit your DSC Certificate of Completion (with TDLR logo and issued to Frisco Municipal Court) and Texas 3A-Certified Driving Record (with Department of Public Safety Seal). In limited statutory instances the driving record may not be required. It is your responsibility, as Defendant, to ensure all requirements of the court’s order are satisfied and submitted properly. Refer to your Court Order.

     Allow 10-14 days for the court staff to process your submission. 

  2. You must attach a scanned or PDF copy of your Driver's Safety Course Certificate of Completion bearing the TDLR logo, listing Frisco Municipal Court or a variation thereof on the Certificate and SIGNED BY THE STUDENT.

  3. You must attach a scanned or PDF copy of your certified DPS Texas 3A Driving Record if required.
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