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Compliance Dismissals With Fee

  1. Read Carefully and Completely

    You may use this form to send a request or motion to dismiss a case for an eligible offense. You must supply the correct and complete proof of remedy or evidence of compliance to support your request.

    WARNING! If your case is in WARRANT STATUS, please call the Court Clerk's office at 972-292-5555. You may have additional charges that require attention.

    A court staff will review all requests. If your request is validated, you will get an email with instructions on completing your request and tendering payment when required. If your request is not valid for dismissal, you will be notified by email and the court will accept your plea and enter a disposition.

    Submission of this form does not guarantee that your case will be dismissed.

  2. Entry of Plea and Request for Dismissal

    I am making an appearance for the below referenced citation and enter a plea as indicated below. I voluntarily waive my right to a jury trial, waive objection to any defect in the charging instrument, waive the filing of a sworn complaint, and agree to pay the fine and costs the judge assesses.

  3. I enter a plea of*
  4. I am requesting the Court to dismiss my citation with statutorily required proof of remedy or evidence of compliance for:*

    Select only one violation

  5. Attach a scanned copy of proof that show you corrected the defect or issue that you were cited for. (receipt, valid DL, Renewals, etc.)

  6. You must attach a scanned image of your DL or any gov't.-issued picture ID.

  7. By submitting this form and entering my name:
    • I acknowledge that am providing the required proof that I have corrected the defect or that there was a valid insurance coverage or a valid handicapped parking placard when the citation was issued.
    • I understand that sending this request is not a guarantee that my case will be dismissed.
    • I also understand that I will receive a notice by email or phone if my request is granted or denied.
    • I also understand that, depending on the violation, I may be required to pay a fee to complete the dismissal process.  If required, I will pay the fee within 10 days from the notice of approval.
    • I further understand that if I fail to pay the statutorily required dismissal fee and requirements for dismissal, my request will be denied and the court will accept my plea and enter a final judgment of guilt and assess a fine within the statutory range of punishment for the offense, plus court costs.
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