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Municipal Court

  1. Adult-Minor Age 17-20 Cigarette, E-Cigarette, or Tobacco Request For Suspended Sentence

    This form can be used by defendants aged 17yo - 20yo to enter a plea and request a suspended sentence for a tobacco-related offense.

  2. Attorney Motion

    This form allows an Attorney to file motions and other documents to the court other than a letter of representation or offer acceptance... More…

  3. Compliance Dismissals

    Form to request dismissal of a citation for the offense of Expired driver's license, Failure to change name or address on driver's... More…

  4. Deferred Disposition Request

    This form allows a Defendant to file a request for Deferred Disposition (Probation) for an eligible offense. Submission is subject to... More…

  5. Driver's Safety Course Request

    This form allows a Defendant to file a request for Driver's Safety Course Dismissal for an eligible case. Submission is subject to... More…

  6. Motion or Petition by Defendant

    This form can be used by a Defendant to file a motion or petition to the court.

  7. Prosecutor’s Offer Acceptance and Submission

    Form can be used by a Defendant or Attorney on Record to return to the Prosecutor's Office a signed State Plea Offer for review and... More…

  8. Request For Court Case Records

    This form may be used to request individual court case records subject to the Common Law Right of access to court documents. All... More…

  1. Application for Payment Plan

    This form can be used to request a standard payment plan on cases with a final judgment and fines due.

  2. Attorney Notice of Representation

    This form can be used by Licensed Attorneys to file Letters of Representation for clients.

  3. Court Requirements Submittal Form

    This form is for submission of Court Ordered Requirements to the court. These include but are not limited to; Plea Form, Court Ordered... More…

  4. Driver's Safety Course (DSC) Completion Submittal Form

    This form is used for filing the Driver Safety Course Certificate of Completion and Texas Driving Record.

  5. Extension for Time To Pay On Plea of Guilty or No Contest Resulting In A Conviction

    This form allows you to enter a plea of guilty or no contest and request an extension to pay the fine. This results in a conviction... More…

  6. Pre-Trial Court Date Request

    This form allows Defendants to request an appearance in court to contest a citation or exercise their right to appear in court.

  7. Request For A Continuance/Court Date Reset

    This form allows Defendants and Attorneys to request a reset of a previously scheduled court date other than a Show Cause Hearing. This... More…