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Schedule A Bulk Waste Pick-up

  1. Schedule Bulk Waste Pick-up

    For items that are too large for your trash can, you can schedule a bulk pickup once a month for up to 5 items from the list. Items not on the list will not be picked up, if you need to change items you selected, you will need to call Environmental Services 972-292-5900 to alter the submitted list, alterations can be made up until 2 business days prior to pick-up. After your submission is received you will receive a confirmation of the submission. Once your submission has been scheduled you will receive an email containing the date of the scheduled pickup (within one business day). 

  2. Can be found on your water/trash bill from City of Frisco

  3. Further instructions including schedule date will be sent to this email, please check to ensure service.

  4. Items

    Only approved items listed in the drop-down menu can be accepted as bulk waste pickup. Metal items can be scheduled for a paid metal pickup or dropped off at the Environmental Collection Center. Construction trash cannot be accepted as bulk waste and must be taken to Melissa Landfill for disposal. Items not listed in the request will not be collected for bulk waste pick-up. Items must be placed where your driveway meets the curb by 7 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day and 3 feet away from all other objects. Waste Connections has until 7 p.m. to complete the scheduled pickup. non-compliance may result in a missed collection which the resident would have to reschedule.

  5. Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation email when our customer service team processes your request. Requests are only processed during normal business hours.

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