Will traffic cut through the Cobb Farm neighborhood to enter the Universal theme park?

The Cobb Farm neighborhood is experiencing cut-through traffic because the planned network of arterial roadways is not complete.  Please refer to the chart on this map for estimated completion dates (right column).  Once Panther Creek Parkway is extended east to Preston Road -- and Frisco Street has been extended north to connect to Dallas Parkway -- the arterial network will be in place.  As a result, motorists will be able to use Frisco Street to reach Panther Creek Parkway.  Furthermore, there will no longer be a benefit for drivers to cut-through the neighborhood because it will take them longer to cut-through the neighborhood.  When the hotel opens, that traffic will approach it on the arterial roadways and will not see a benefit to cut through the neighborhood, either.  -- Engineering Services

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1. What was the radius used for the TIA?
2. Did it (TIA) look at combined traffic with a PGA event and soccer game? Will we be able to move people on the busiest possible day?
3. Would you define unfamiliar terminology noted in the TIA?
4. Does the TIA take into account traffic from new development that hasn’t been built yet?
5. Will all of the necessary roads be constructed before the theme park opens?
6. What Universal traffic will use the driveways shown on Panther Creek Parkway?
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8. Will traffic cut through the Cobb Farm neighborhood to enter the Universal theme park?
9. How is '30 acres of theme park' actually defined?
10. Will the Universal development be allowed to expand beyond 30 acres of theme park area or beyond the total area of 97 acres?
11. Will there be a water park?
12. Does the City of Frisco anticipate needing more police officers?
13. What if the proposed theme park 'doesn't work' and Universal changes its concept or leaves?