Can a stop sign be installed on my residential street?
If you would like to request a stop sign, please call 972-292-5400 and ask to speak to a Traffic Engineer. We will conduct a traffic study at the intersection to determine if a stop sign is warranted based on national traffic engineering standards.

Please keep in mind that the City of Frisco does not install stop signs to control vehicle speed, which is also a national traffic engineering standard. Primarily this is because motorists subconsciously or consciously come to realize that’s the purpose of the stop sign and they begin to disregard it. They will begin to roll through the stop sign when no traffic is present and then that diminishes the authority of all stop signs in the neighborhood. In addition, motorists will often speed up in between these stop signs to make up the time they feel they have lost. All of this reduces the safety of the neighborhood. Instead, according to national traffic engineering standards, we only install stop signs when the intersection meets certain stop sign warrants based on traffic volumes, sight distance, etc.

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