How should bicyclists ride on the road?
State law generally treats a bicycle as a vehicle with the same rights and duties as a car. State law states that a bicyclist can ride down the middle of the lane if the lane is narrower than 14 feet wide. This is not considered “impeding traffic” even on a road with only one lane in each direction. State law also allows bicyclists to ride 2 abreast in a single lane. Side by side bicyclists are considered to be impeding traffic if they take up 2 lanes on the roadway, but not if they take up a single lane that is narrower than 14 feet wide. Most roads have lanes that are narrower than 14 feet, but as our major roadways are widened to 6 lanes, we will provide an outside lane that is 14 feet wide so that bicycles can ride to the right according to State law. Motorists should always ensure that there is a 3-foot separation between their car and a bicyclist they are passing.

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