What are the elements of the selection/hiring process?
  • ONLINE APPLICATION:  Online applications for Police Officer remain in the “pending” status until a written exam date is known.  When a written exam date is set, all applicants in “pending” status that meet the minimum requirements will be given an invitation to the exam.  The time from application date to exam invitation date could be as quick as a few days, or it could be as long as a few weeks.
  • WRITTEN EXAMINATION: On the day of the written exam, each applicant will be given twenty-five minutes to review the written exam study guide before the test.  The written exam itself consists of 100 multiple choice questions and each applicant is given one hour and 45 minutes to complete it.  Every applicant that successfully passes the exam with a score of 70 or higher, will participate in the physical readiness test the same day.
  • PHYSICAL READINESS TEST: The physical readiness test will be administered immediately after the completion of the written exam.  Each applicant will be required to row 2000 meters on a Concept 2 rower with the damper set on 5.  The Frisco Police Department follows the Texas Department of Public Safety standards for administering and scoring the rowing assessment.  Applicants must row a minimum of 50% to pass the rowing assessment and move on to the next phase.  For more information about your required rowing performance, consult the Texas Department of Public Safety website and enter your specific information.
  • BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: Applicants that successfully passed all previous portions of the hiring process and are selected to move forward to the background investigation process, will be notified by an investigator. Applicants not selected to move forward in the process will be notified within 30 days of the decision. Due to the fact the Frisco Police Department believes in conducting thorough background investigations, this part of the process is often the most time consuming.
  • ORAL BOARD: After successful completion of the background investigation, applicants will be required to participate in an oral board. Three members of the Frisco Police Department will ask questions and present scenarios to the applicant. The questions and scenarios will be related to law enforcement in general and may include some information gathered during the background investigation.
  • CHIEF’S INTERVIEW:  On the same day an applicant successfully completes the oral board, he or she will have an interview directly with the Chief of Police.   During that interview the Chief of Police will ask questions about the applicant and will give information to the applicant, possibly including his philosophies and goals for the department.   Immediately following this interview, applicants that have successfully completed all previous steps in the process, and are chosen to move forward in the process, will be given a conditional job offer.    
  • POLYGRAPH: Those who are given a conditional job offer must successfully complete a polygraph examination which is administered off site by an independent polygrapher. The polygraph will not be on the same day as the oral board and Chief’s interview but will most likely be within seven days of the conditional job offer.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAM: Every attempt is made to schedule an applicant’s psychological examination for the same day as the applicant’s polygraph examination. Normally one of the examinations will be in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the day of the polygraph and psychological examinations, applicants should prepare to spend the entire day completing these exams.
  •  MEDICAL EVALUATION AND DRUG SCREEN:  A medical evaluation and drug screen will be required as one of the final steps in the hiring process.  The medical exam will be conducted by a local physician utilized by the City of Frisco and will include the drug screen.  Applicants 40 years of age and older will have a stress test as part of their medical evaluation.   Instructions related to fasting and preparation will be sent prior to the evaluation.

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1. What are the elements of the selection/hiring process?
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3. What is included in the Physical Readiness Test?
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6. Do you have incentive pay (bilingual, education, certifications, etc.)?
7. Is the Frisco Police Department civil service?
8. Do I get extra credit or points for prior military service?
9. What type of retirement system does Frisco Police Department utilize?
10. Do you have tuition reimbursement?
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18. What if I do not have any college hours?
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