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Stage Two 

The current Stage 2 goal for water use reduction is 10 percent.

Lake Lavon or Lake Chapman fall below 55 percent capacity of NTMWD’s total conservation pool capacity.

See full list possible conditions



You can water twice a week (or less) based on your two assigned days, but not between the hours of 10am-6pm.
Your watering day schedule is based on your residential trash collection day, plus one additional day. 
Non-residential customer watering days are based on location within the residential trash day zones. View the watering schedule map.
The use of soaker hoses for foundation moisture, drip/bubbler systems, and hand-watering are permitted at anytime.
Watering cool season grasses (such as rye grass or other similar grasses) that intensify water requirements is prohibited. Exceptions may be made for erosion control and public safety.
During Central Standard Time, the following restrictions are as follows:
Landscape watering with an automatic or hose-end sprinkler system is limited to a maximum of once per week based on your location within the residential trash day zones. Non-residential customer watering days are based on location within the residential trash day zones.



To continue the actions available under Stage 1, and those included in the Water Efficiency Plan. To advance public education efforts to reduce water use.

To initiate the following mandatory water use restrictions:

Prohibit hosing of paved areas, buildings, or windows (Pressure washing of impervious surfaces is allowed).

Prohibit operation of all non-residential ornamental fountains or other amenity impoundments to the extent they use treated water.

Prohibit washing or rinsing of vehicles by hose except with a hose end cutoff nozzle.

Prohibit using water in such a manner that allows runoff or other waste.

To impose the same percent reduction on wholesale customers if NTMWD has imposed a reduction in water available to Member Cities and Customers.

Notify wholesale customers of actions being taken and request them to implement similar procedures.

To restrict non-essential city government water use (practices may include street cleaning, vehicle washing, operation of ornamental fountains, etc.)

Encourage the public to wait until the current drought or emergency situation has passed before establishing new landscaping.

Initiate a rate surcharge of up to 100 percent for all residential and irrigation customers over 25,000 gallons per billing cycle or the surcharge provided by the NTMWD subject to council approval.

To reduce city government water use for landscape irrigation.

Allow normal water use for all businesses including swimming pool construction and maintenance, commercial car washes, nurseries, etc.



Exceptions may be made for landscaping associated with new construction through the New Landscape Exemption Request. Approved watering exemptions allow watering for 30 days from the date of installation.   

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