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Now is the perfect time to commit to reducing your water usage. Simple conservation practices can make a huge difference to conserve water and to increase savings on your water bill.

During the winter, most lawns and landscapes require little to no water. Grasses go dormant this time of year, and the natural amount of rainfall is usually sufficient.

Under Stage 3 Water Restrictions, watering with a sprinkler system is permitted once per week, but only if necessary. The use of hand-held hoses, soaker hoses, and drip/bubbler systems is permitted up to two hours daily for trees, shrubs, and foundations. Planting and watering cool season grasses such as rye grass is not permitted. 

The best thing you can do is simply TURN OFF your sprinkler system. 

Follow these tips to winterize your home and garden:

- Turning your sprinkler system "off" will prevent run-off water from freezing on streets and sidewalks during freezing weather conditions. If you see sprinkler systems operating during freezing weather, complete the online Report Water Waste Form

- Check the batteries in your sprinkler controller, and check your rain and freeze shut-off sensor to ensure it is
   working properly.

- Wrap exposed pipes with insulation around the exterior of your home. When expecting a hard freeze, open doors to cabinets or closets where pipes are located to increase warm air circulation

- During CST, there are no 'time of day' restrictions. We encourage watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to avoid icing conditions when temperatures drop below freezing.

- Check the city website, sign up for the weekly e-mail, or call the watering line (972-292-5801) for weekly outdoor watering recommendations, based on Frisco's weather station recommendations.

Learn more tips to winterize your home and landscape.

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