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Urban Ecology 

Vegetation & Wildlife

Native plants are usually the better choice when it comes to creating an environmentally friendly landscape. These plants provide the best overall food sources for wildlife, while requiring less fertilizer, less water, and less effort in controlling pests.

Frisco is leading the way in sustainable landscaping through our Landscape Ordinance. But there are many other things you can do for your ecosystem that are easy alternatives to the common landscaping practices of today. We have listed a few websites for you to explore.

Do you know what plants can bring beautiful butterflies into your garden? Need tips on how to keep wild rabbits away from your backyard?  The following websites offer information on topics varying from urban/suburban wildlife interactions to natural landscaping. Click on the links below to learn more.

Texas Wildscapes
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has a restoration and conservation plan to enable Texans to contribute to wildlife conservation by developing wildlife habitats where they live, work and play. Texas Wildscapes provides information on plant selection, design tips and more.

Urban/Suburban Wildlife
From backyard conservation to wildlife rescue, A Natural History of North Central Texas (NHNCT) is a collection of links, data and original content intended for the support and enhancement of the study and appreciation of the natural world of North Central Texas.

Backyard Wildlife
Descriptions of do-it-yourself projects that invite wildlife into your backyard.

Living with Wildlife
Equipped with the right information and tools, most homeowners can solve their own problems and learn to live with wildlife. Follow the link for tips on keeping wildlife at bay.

DFW Wildlife Coalition
A collection of information and articles dealing with many common problems and conflicts that we see with wildlife.

WildCare Texas
Non-profit organization of wildlife volunteers in North Central Texas providing care to ill, injured, or orphaned wildlife.


It is critical to the health of our ecosystems that we become aware of our role in affecting the quality of water that flows out of our homes and from our yards. The smallest changes in our behavior can make a difference to our environment.

Do's and Don'ts Around the Home
These are some specific tips to help you become part of the solution to nonpoint-source pollution. (This is pollution which cannot be traced back to a single origin or source.)

10 Household Ways to Prevent Storm Water Pollution
This page has a list of simple things you can do to prevent storm water pollution. It also contains links to the City of Frisco Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Department Web pages.

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