Current Bids

  1. Reference #: 2306-078. Name: 2306-078 Upper Reuse 24-Inch Pipeline - Phase 3_24603

    Description: The Work is generally described as follows: The construction of 5,230 linear feet of 24-inch PVC (AWWA C900, DR-18, Purple) or Ductile Iron (AWWA C151/A21.50, PC 200) pipe. The reuse pipeline includes open cut and trenchless bore. The...

  2. Reference #: 2308-102. Name: Dallas Parkway Phase 4 Improvements 14130 (Lebanon Rd to Eldorado Pkwy) and 18120 (Eldorado Pkwy to Panther Creek Pkwy)

    Description: The project, Dallas Parkway Improvements Phase 4, generally includes the construction of approximately 17,000 SY of pavement widening along Dallas Parkway from Lebanon Road to Panther Creek Parkway, and 1,400 LF of bridge widening over...

  3. Reference #: 2306-082. Name: Stop Loss Insurance

    Description: The City of Frisco is receiving proposals for Stop Loss Insurance. Project closes Oct 06, 2023 2:00 PM CDT.

  4. Reference #: 2308-104. Name: Historic Silo Repairs

    Description: The City of Frisco is seeking Competitive Sealed Proposals for the repair of the historic grain silos in downtown Frisco, 6502 Main Street. Project closes Oct 05, 2023 2:00 PM CDT.

  5. Reference #: 2307-093. Name: Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet (ATCC)

    Description: The City of Frisco, through a Request for Information (RFI), is seeking information to facilitate the investigation and exploration related to the possible procurement and deployment of the Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet...

  6. Reference #: 2308-105. Name: Food Scrap Composting Program

    Description: The City of Frisco will be initiating and implementing a Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program for Frisco residents to drop-off Food Scraps into locked carts at designated drop-off locations. Project closes Oct 04, 2023 2:00 PM CDT.

  7. Reference #: 2308-103. Name: Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for City Hall Renovations

    Description: This is an invitation and request for proposals from construction management firms. This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is a one-step process. Services to be provided include customary Construction Manager at Risk (“CMAR”) services, to...