Recycling in Schools

Frisco ISD, Frisco ISD Council of PTA, and City of Frisco have developed a strong partnership where each school has implemented a recycling program. The recycling program is managed within the school by a staff member, the Green Team Coordinator. The Green Team Coordinator then has a little group of helpers, their Green Team. These are the group of responsible and dedicated environmental stewards in their schools who help with the classroom recycling. This not only includes taking out the recycling but also being role models within the school!

Looking for environmental education programs to engage and inspire your students? Check out our program guide (PDF) here

Allen's Green Team Group Photo

Recycling in the Cafeteria

Cafeteria waste is estimated to be where about 1/2 of the waste from the day (by weight) comes from the cafeteria. To help reduce your schools waste, create a team with parents/ PTA members and ask your principal about starting recycling in the cafeteria! Here are some resources to help:

Cafeteria Recycling Handbook (PDF), Kick-start Cafeteria Recycling Slides (PPTX)

Reduce Food Waste

Interested in implementing a program in your school where the unopened, packaged food can go to good rather than going to the garbage? Food waste in one of this nation's largest waste problems: the USDA estimates between 30 to 40% of all U.S. food supply goes to waste. USDA's Tips and Resources for Schools. City of Frisco promotes the "Save It/ Share It" concept for lunch leftovers. Either take the food home or save it for snack or share it at a school implemented share table at the end of lunch. To implement a 'Share Table' at your school, please email the City of Frisco Environmental Educators and your school's Green Team Coordinator!