Most Requested Ordinances

TopicOrdinance Number
Accessory Building & Use Regulations11-04-09 (PDF)
Alcoholic Beverage Sales (PDF)N/A
Contractor Registration Ordinance15-10-75 (PDF)
Downtown Architectural Standards (September 2002)02-09-104 (PDF)
Fence Regulations Ordinance12-08-46 (PDF)
Form-Based Code Manual (December 2007)12-11-07 (PDF)
Health (Food Establishment) Ordinance16-04-35 (PDF)
Home Occupation Ordinance13-03-18 (PDF)
Impact FeesVaries by Plat Date
International Building Code (2018 IBC amendments)19-11-103 (PDF)
International Energy Conservation Code (2018 IECC amendments)19-11-101 (PDF)
International Fire Code (2018 IFC amendments)19-11-113 (PDF)
International Fuel / Gas Code (2018 IFGC amendments)19-11-97 (PDF)
International Mechanical Code (2018 IMC amendments)19-11-100 (PDF)
International Plumbing Code (2018 IPC amendments)19-11-99 (PDF)
International Property Maintenance Code (2018 IPMC amendments)19-11-96 (PDF)
International Residential Code (2018 IRC amendments)19-11-102 (PDF)
International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (Residential) (2018 ISPSC amendments)19-11-104 (PDF)
Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance02-12-145 (PDF)
Multi-family Ordinance08-09-86 (PDF)
National Electrical Code (2017 NEC amendments)19-11-98 (PDF)
National Fire Protection Association (2016 NFPA, Standard 13 amendments)19-11-112 (PDF)
National Fire Protection Association (2016 NFPA, Standard 13R amendments)19-11-111 (PDF)
Nuisance Abatement Ordinance01-09-62 (PDF)
Park Fees Ordinance04-12-79 (PDF)
Parking Lot / Sidewalk Sales Ordinance05-09-80 (PDF)
Pool Ordinance: Commercial Pools and Pool Ordinance Amendment06-02-14 (PDF) and 18-01-02 (PDF)
Sexually-Oriented Businesses08-12-107 (PDF)
Sign Ordinance16-03-25 (PDF)
Sign Ordinance Amendment17-02-10 (PDF)
Single-Family Front Entry Lot Layout Guidelines (PDF)N/A
Smoking Ordinance
Special Event Parking Ordinance11-05-14 (PDF)
Stormwater Management, Ordinance, and InformationN/A
Substandard/Unsafe Structure Ordinance
- Standards for Securing and Artistic Board-up (PDF)
09-10-59 (PDF)
Subdivision Ordinance (w/ Engineering Standards)12-06-42 (PDF)
Temporary Certificates of Occupancy08-09-85 (PDF)
Zoning Ordinance (2011)11-04-09 (PDF)