Water Efficiency Plan

The Water Efficiency Plan was developed to reduce the annual waste of water.

In April 2019, the Frisco City Council unanimously approved the Water Efficiency Plan with 'Best Management Practices' (BMPs) for the long-term protection of our water supply.

These BMPs focus on key measures for water conservation:

  • Keep sprinkler systems turned off until data from Frisco's weather station indicates watering is needed.
  • Watering is permitted once per week on your regular residential trash/recycling day.
  • No watering 10 am to 6 pm during Daylight Saving Time.
  • Water using a hand-held hose, soaker hoses, drip irrigation, or bubbler systems for up to two hours any day.

Spring & Summer Watering Schedule (DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME)

When you adjust your clocks for Daylight Saving Time (DST), remember to adjust your sprinkler system controller for the time of day restrictions that begin with DST. It is also a good time to replace the battery in your sprinkler system controller and rain/freeze sensor.

Frisco's annual spring and summer watering schedule is in effect through the duration of DST.

Day of Week Schedule

Water only when necessary, based on Frisco's weather station data. If recommended, watering with automatic sprinkler system is permitted once per week on your residential trash day. In the event that twice-per-week watering is recommended by weather station data, this information will be distributed on the website and the WaterWise weekly newsletter and 24-hour watering line (972-292-5801).

Non-residential customer watering days are based on location within the residential trash/recycling day zones.

DST Time of Day Restrictions

Outdoor watering with an automatic spray sprinkler system is permitted outside the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. These watering times have been adopted to reduce water waste during the heat of the day due to evaporation and high winds.

Other Guidelines

Operate automatic sprinkler systems and hose-end sprinklers based on Frisco's weather station weekly recommendations.

Hand water your lawn and landscape with a shut-off nozzle, soaker hose and drip/bubbler system up to two hours daily.

Foundations may be watered up to two hours on any day using a soaker hose, hand-held hose, or a dedicated zone using a drip/bubbler irrigation system.

Home car-washing is permitted at any time with the use of a shut-off spray nozzle. However, water flowing away from the property is prohibited.

Normal use and maintenance of swimming pools are permitted.

The operation of ornamental fountains is permitted.

The use of recreational water devices is permitted. However, water flowing away from the property is prohibited.

Watering during the restricted hours is considered water waste and may result in a water waste violation.

Summary Guide for the Water Efficiency Plan

Water Efficiency Plan Chart

Fall & Winter Watering Schedule (CENTRAL STANDARD TIME)

The city recommends the following guidelines

Water only when necessary based on Frisco's weather station data.

Once per week outdoor watering, if necessary, with an automatic sprinkler system or hose-end sprinkler is based on your residential trash day.

Time of day restrictions are relaxed during CST; however, watering is prohibited during precipitation or temperatures colder than 40 F in order to prevent freezing conditions on sidewalks and streets.

You may hand water your landscape with a shut-off nozzle, soaker hose and drip/bubbler system at any time, on any day.

Frisco prohibits over-seeding and watering cool season grasses.

Year-Round Enforcement

Residents are encouraged to report water waste. The best way to submit water waste reports is through the myFRISCO app. The app geocodes the location, allows users to submit photos, and sends the report directly to the water patrol team.

 The following outdoor watering requirements are enforced year-round:

  • No water runoff flowing away from property.
  • No watering of impervious surfaces such as streets, parking lots, alleys, driveways, etc.
  • No watering during precipitation or at temperatures below 40 F.
  • The use of leaking or damaged irrigation systems is prohibited.

Violations will be documented by city staff using time-stamped electronic photographs and filed for review.


First-time violations will receive an email with a $50 administrative fee included on the next available water bill. This fee will be waived with the completion of a free irrigation check-up within 30 days. Contact Frisco Public Works at 972-292-5800 or email Public Works to schedule a check-up.

Second violations will receive a $100 administrative fee, and third violations will receive a $200 administrative fee. Additional violations can include citations and potential disconnection of sprinkler systems.