Development Services

Building Inspections - Reviews plans, issues permits, inspects, provides building code requirements, and other information for new and existing building construction, including sign permits, variances, remodels, alterations, pools, fences, and demolitions. To contact a Building Inspections employee, please see the Building Inspector Contact List (PDF).
  • Email - permit review status and contractor registration information
  • Email - technical and code-related questions, inspections, and site requirements
  • Link to E-TrakIt - Permit & Project Info Online
Code Enforcement - Responds to concerns that affect the quality of life, such as overgrown lots or yards, inoperative vehicles on private property, maintenance of structures, illegal signs, unsecured swimming pools, and other concerns or nuisances. Health & Food Safety - Reviews plans and conduct inspections of health-related issues, such as restaurants, schools, pools, and mobile vendors. Also, Health & Food Safety responds to public health concerns from citizens.
Landscape - Reviews landscape plans, ensures tree preservation requirements, and screening standards are adhered, conducts commercial and non-commercial site inspections, and oversees tree removals and mitigation plans for compliance.
Neighborhood Services - Coordinates with neighborhoods for the block party trailer loaner, HOA registrations, along with Frisco's Five Star Neighborhoods Program, and Rental Registration programs. Planning - Planning administers standards of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance to ensure new development and redevelopment comply with Frisco's standards and will enhance the quality of life. Planning provides assistance regarding land use, zoning district information, variance requests, and supports the Planning & Zoning Commissioners.
Comprehensive Planning includes updates to the Comprehensive Plan, demographics, land use, development monitoring and reports, statistical analyses, and projections.