Service Delivery
The Frisco Fire Department includes 7 stations. FFD is made up of 177 paid personnel and approximately 10 volunteer firefighters, who provide professional and administrative support within the Fire Department.

Shifts & Apparatus
Firefighters’ shift structure includes working 24 hours, followed by 48 hours off-duty. There are three shifts, dubbed A, B and C. A group of firefighters assigned to a particular engine, truck, medic (ambulance) and special operations make up a “company”. Each fire station has a different complement of personnel and apparatus. FFD staffs 7 engine / quint companies, 2 truck companies, one heavy rescue, one HazMat / EOC and 5 medics (ambulances) 24 hours a day. Additional apparatus may be staffed with off-duty personnel during high call volumes or major events.
House Fire Response
Emergency Calls
911 emergency calls are answered at the City of Frisco Communications Dispatch Center at the Police Department. Dispatchers assign the emergency calls to Fire Department units using a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, allowing the closest available fire apparatus to be dispatched to the call, ensuring a rapid response. Firefighters are alerted via radio and mobile data computers (MDC) with information regarding the type and location of the emergency.

The Frisco Fire Department responds to more than 8,400 emergency calls annually. In addition to fire suppression, FFD provides responses for emergency medical services (EMS); hazardous materials (HAZMAT); specialized rescue, including high angle and swift water; motor vehicle accidents; automatic alarm investigations, and other public assistance calls.