Mission Statement

To protect lives, property, and the environment from the adverse effects of fires, illness, accidents, natural disasters and other hazards by promoting public safety education and maintaining a well-equipped, highly trained and motivated workforce of professional firefighters and rescue personnel.

Core Values

The Frisco Fire Department's personal commitment to the citizens and visitors of the city of Frisco is unmatched by any. All members hold themselves to the highest degree of technical excellence, respect and compassion for fellow man and are competent in all facets of their chosen profession. Honor, courage, and commitment are all a part of the central core values on which the Frisco Fire Department was founded.

The Frisco Fire Department requires a high level of integrity and professionalism from all its members. In support of this standard and in addition to the requirements for city employment, the department has defined additional employment requirements and follows a consistent and structured hiring process that aligns closely with the demands of the job.

Employment Requirements

Hiring Process

  1. Application
  2. Distribution of Study Guides
  3. Written Test
  4. Oral Interview
  5. Background Investigation (PDF)
  6. DPS Check
  7. Polygraph
  8. Psychological
  9. Physical Ability
  10. Drug Screen
  11. Medical Check
  12. Interview with the Fire Chief

Current Job Openings