Solicitation Permits

As of August 2016, the City suspended the requirement of individuals soliciting funds or distributing any commercial handbills to obtain a permit issued by the City of Frisco.  However, an individual is still required to have the following:

  • A copy of the valid state sales tax certificate, if applicable.
  • A valid driver's license or other valid, official photo identification.

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Door-to-Door Solicitors and Strangers at Your Door

While many door-to-door solicitors are legitimately offering services for sale, some may have other motives, such as burglary or theft.  In an effort to assist our residents, here are some safety measures to consider.

Should you have concerns about the person knocking on your door, particularly their actions or behavior, don't hesitate to call our non-emergency number (972-292-6010) or 9-1-1.  Any information you can provide about the person (face, clothing, distinguishing features, direction of travel, vehicle, etc.) may prove beneficial to responding officers.  However, do not put yourself in harm's way to get this information.

"No Soliciting" Signs

No Soliciting signs that meet the requirements of Frisco's city ordinance are available for purchase from the Frisco Police Volunteers Association. Signs are available for purchase and pick up at the PD ($15 - credit card only), or on the FPVA's website ($20 - FPVA members will deliver to your house).

No soliciting sign