Emergency Preparedness

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About Frisco Emergency Management
The City of Frisco maintains a high-level emergency management division. We have a State-of-the-Art Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC receives vital information from local TV, cable channels, area public safety departments and an advanced weather monitoring service. Within the EOC, staff has multiple communications capabilities, including the ability to monitor active calls, communicate by phone, email, radio and video teleconferencing.

Notification System
The EOC houses the CityWatch Community Notification system and is one activation point for the outdoor warning system. During major events, the EOC is the gathering point for the city directors, decision makers and command staff. Together this group utilizes the Emergency Management Plan (EMP) to ensure citizens remain safe.

Emergency Plan
The City of Frisco’s Emergency Management Plan is certified by the State of Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management at the advanced level. It assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks to members of the City staff and specifies actions to be taken before, during and after emergencies. Frisco's Emergency Management Plan is continually updated and exercised during both training and emergency situations.

Severe Weather
Severe weather is commonplace in north Texas. When weather poses a significant threat to Frisco, the EOC staff assembles. We monitor local TV stations, local weather stations located throughout the City, our amateur radio frequencies and the National Weather Service. If we feel severe weather is imminent, we are able to activate the outdoor warning sirens from the EOC or dispatch center.

Major Incidents
The Emergency Operations Center is primarily used during major incidents in Frisco. From within the EOC, we utilize many avenues for information and assistance. These include numerous emergency numbers and procedures listed in the Emergency Management Plan, local media, live images from our field units, weather condition monitors, and radio traffic monitoring. The City of Frisco’s traffic operators can monitor major roadways within Frisco from the EOC. From here, they can help with traffic flow in and around major events.

Mass Gatherings

The City’s EOC is activated for mass gatherings. Frisco has multiple mass gathering sites, including Toyota Stadium, Pepper Ballpark, Dr. Pepper Arena, etc. From the EOC, staff is able to monitor incidents at the location, weather in the area that can affect the event, possible additional staffing needs, and other incidents around the city.

In August 2005, the Frisco City Council adopted the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the standard system for managing major incidents and disasters. The City’s Emergency Management Plan is NIMS compliant. The EOC is used for training responders for NIMS and many potential emergency situations.