WaterWise Programs

Frisco offers indoor and outdoor water-saving programs to residents who want to increase water efficiency around their home.

Programs: Free Sprinkler Check-up

Sprinkler System Check-ups

Schedule a FREE appointment with one of our on-staff licensed irrigators to check your sprinkler system.


Waterwise Tips

These virtual programs are designed so that you, as a Frisco resident, will have a better understanding of how to conserve and protect Frisco's water and stormwater, while putting more money back into your pocket!

Programs: Workshops

Workshops and Events
Discover upcoming workshops open to Frisco residents to learn water efficient practices for home and garden.

Programs: Stop the Block

Stop the Block

When sewer systems back up, they can overflow, resulting in expensive repairs. Find out what you can do to help stop the block and prevent sewer back-ups.

Programs: Weather Station

Weather Station

Each week, data from Frisco’s very own weather station is used to calculate your weekly watering recommendation so that you know the correct amount of water to apply to your landscape.