Professional Standards

Professional Standards Unit (PSU)

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) of the Frisco Police Department is dedicated to the belief that a law enforcement agency must first monitor its own before it can provide protection for the public. This is done by conducting internal investigations on all complaints of misconduct against any member of the Frisco Police Department.

The objectives of the Professional Standards Unit include the protection of the public, the department, and the employee. Additionally, PSU manages policy and procedure updates as well as training recommendations.

Bias-Based Profiling Policy and Annual Report

Read the complete policy relating to bias-based profiling for the Frisco Police Department (General Order 6.20 (PDF)). View the 2022 Bias-Based Profiling Report (PDF).

Prior annual reports can be found by clicking the year listed below:

Personnel Complaints

Personnel complaints alleging misconduct of sworn members will not be accepted more than 30 days after the alleged incident. Exceptions to this rule include: (1) When the complaint involves a criminal violation, in which case the criminal statute of limitations will determine the time limit; (2) When the complainant can show good cause for not making the complaint within the specified time limit; and (3) The Chief of Police shall have the discretion to investigate or order an investigation of any complaint when necessary to preserve the integrity of the department, regardless of the time reported. Read more about the complaint process.

Other Information
The Professional Standards Unit does not accept complaints in regard to the guilt or innocence of defendants in traffic ticket cases and/or criminal offenses. Those matters are reserved to the judgment of the proper judicial court for adjudication.

Citizens should be aware that making a false complaint is a violation of the Texas Penal Code. We would not and cannot bring charges against a person who has acted in good faith.

For more information, you may download a copy of the PSU Brochure (PDF) or view the most recent Annual Professional Standards Complaint Summary