Clay Soil

The clay soil found in North Texas can make gardening a challenge!  Clay soil has a low water infiltration rate (.10 inches of water per hour), and an equally low drainage rate, making it is easy to over-water and drown our plants.

To prevent clay soil from cracking, it is important to maintain an even moisture level. To achieve this, all irrigation should be supplemental to rainfall, and the cycle and soak watering method should be used to maintain the best water absorption rate. 

Optimizing Plant Growth


Mulch is a material placed over the soil to maintain moisture, improve soil conditions, control weeds, and prevent soil erosion. Additionally, mulching makes your soil less likely to compact, which benefits root growth and development. 

Check out these resources:
Mulching Tips (PDF) - Texas A&M AgriLife
Mulching Techniques (PDF) - Trees are Good


Just as recycling your unwanted items helps to keep items out of the landfill, composting helps to recycle your yard and kitchen waste. Compost is high in nutrients, helps improve soil drainage, and reduces the need for artificial fertilizers. It's easy to learn how to compost.

Here are some guides:
Composting (PDF) - Texas A&M AgriLife
Mulching and Composting (PDF) - TCEQ

Regional Composting Program

The City of Frisco is a member of the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) regional composting program. Yard trimmings collected from our residential curbside recycling program are not sent to the landfill; they are composted!

The finished materials - compost, topdressing, soil blend, and mulch - are sold as Texas Pure. These products can be purchased at local retailers or at NTMWD Custer Road Transfer Station.

A limited supply of bagged product is available at the Environmental Collection Center. Please call ahead to make sure that the product is available: 972-292-5900.

Texas Pure is currently offering the following coupons for Frisco Residents:

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