Lawn Watering Advice Data

Why is the City of Frisco's Lawn Watering Advice Useful?

It is important to reap the benefits of rainfall and local weather patterns. Weekly weather conditions can greatly affect a lawn's watering requirement.

Frisco's WaterWise Emails provide lawn watering advice based on data collected from the city's weather station and rain gauges. This weekly information can help you maintain your landscape and water more efficiently. See how this information is determined.

2022 Recommendations

2022 Watering Totals Pie Chart
2022 Watering Recommendations

Data Analysis

In addition to weather station totals, the City of Frisco uses a number of factors to evaluate weekly watering totals including evapotranspiration, average rainfall, effective rainfall, turf coefficients, growth factors, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and humidity.

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