Smoke Testing

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The City of Frisco performs smoke testing on the city's sanitary sewer system. The smoke testing project is part of a 10-year study to locate possible leaks, breaks, and defects in the sewer system.

Smoke testing is scheduled to begin in January and will continue for six (6) weeks.

2021 Smoke Testing Map (PDF) 

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A Smoke Testing Flyer (PDF) will be distributed prior to the testing.

Frisco Police and Fire departments are aware of the areas and the daily schedule for the smoke testing activities. Testing will happen between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Watch a quick, informative video to learn 'what is Smoke Testing' and 'why we need it.'

The city is working with crews from RJN Group to conduct the sewer inspections. Crews may need to access sewer manholes in utility easements. Whenever these lines require investigation, members of the inspection crews will need access to the easements of the sewer lines and manholes. RJN Group personnel are uniformed and carry identification badges. Homeowners do not need to be home, and at no time will field crews have to enter a home or business.

What to Expect

You may observe smoke coming from vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground. The smoke is harmless, has little odor, and creates no fire hazard. The smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up traps. If this occurs, you should consult your licensed plumber.

If the harmless smoke should enter through faulty plumbing, the potential exists for dangerous sewer gases to enter your home or business. Should the smoke enter your home or business, contact a representative of RJN Group at 972-437-4300. A crew member can check the sewer lines around your home or business to possibly determine the source of the smoke. Photographs will be taken of leaks occurring in the system.

If you receive a Smoke Testing Flyer (PDF), it is to inform you that the smoke testing survey will be conducted in your area. The information gained from the testing will be used to improve the quality of your wastewater collection system.

Additional Information

For special assistance or more information, please contact the following during regular business hours:

  • RJN Group: 972-437-4300
  • Public Works Department: 972-292-5800

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will residents be notified when Smoke Testing will be performed?
A: Individual door hanger notices will be placed on the homes/businesses to be affected at least two days in advance. Frisco Police and Fire Departments are also notified in advance and on the day of the testing.

Q: How is a smoke test conducted?
A: A smoke blower is placed over manholes and smoke is blown through the sewer system.

Q: is the smoke used for testing the sewer system harmful?
A: No. It may make you cough, but it is not harmful to you, your pets, or your plants, and it will not harm clothing, drapes, or furniture. If there are individuals in your home who have respiratory problems and are immobile, please notify the Public Works Department at 972-292-5800 prior to testing.

Q: Do residents have to be home when the smoke testing is performed?
A: Homeowners do not need to be at home and field crews will not need to enter the dwelling. Field crews will record the testing, taking photos, and measuring distances so the defects can be located.