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The City of Frisco Streets Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks and alleys. The Streets Division rebuilds asphalt streets, makes minor concrete street and alley repairs, builds and repairs sections of sidewalk and curbs, and sands driving surfaces during icy weather.

Street Projects

Annual street aconcrete pour nd alley repairs are determined based on the Streets Division’s annual inspection program.  The goal of this program is to conduct inspections at least once every four years on every concrete and asphalt street within the City.  An overall score (0-100) is given to each segment of roadway maintained by the City that evaluates the condition of the pavement, roadway classification (major or minor arterial, residential or collector), roadway safety issues, ride quality and likelihood of failure.  Alley inspections result in a score that is based on the severity of the pavement and likelihood of failure.  Prioritization of the annual street and alley repairs are based on the scores and operational budget constraints.

Sidewalk Repair

Minimum repair criteria are as follows:     Sidewalk Repair

  • A 1-inch or greater trip hazard
  • A section is divided into 3 or more pieces
  • Sidewalk adjacent to back of curb has separated from top of curb by 1 inch or more
  • Sunken sidewalk panels that are holding water for at least 48 hours without additional water added

It should be noted that only structural deficiencies are addressed. Surface spalling (chipping) and other cosmetic concerns do not meet the current criteria for repair or replacement.

Each sidewalk repair request that meets the City’s criteria for repairs is evaluated to determine the best repair option of the three listed below that will result in effectively addressing the safety concern while also being fiscally responsible.    

  1.  Full panel replacement
  2.  Foam injection to raise existing concrete panel to eliminate  holding water
  3.  Concrete cutting of the existing sidewalk panel to eliminate/remove the trip hazard

Streets On-Call

Did you Overlayknow that the Streets Division has an employee on-call24/7 year-round? If you need assistance after regular business hours, please call the Public Works Department at 972-292-5800. The on-call employee will be dispatched.

The City of Frisco Streets Division does not maintain the following roadways. To report issues on the following roads, please contact the responsible entity using the links provided.

Texas Department of Transportation
US 380
FM 423
Preston Road
Main Street/FM 3537 (between Preston and Custer)
Custer Road
Eldorado Parkway (between FM 423 and Dallas Parkway) 

North Texas Tollway Authority
SH 121 (main lanes and service roads)