Why Frisco? Home to 200,000+

Three decades of residential and commercial growth, and the Frisco boom hasn't stopped yet. The U.S. Census Bureau placed Frisco's population at 6,582 in the 1990 Census. While 2020 Census numbers are not available just yet, Frisco's estimated population is 203,794 as of November 1, 2020. That's a nearly 3,000% population increase over 30 years! 

Why We Chose Frisco...

Three families explain in their own words why they chose to call Frisco home. Their recent relocation to a Frisco address places them among the residents who helped the city top 200,000 in population. Their 'whys' will resonate with many who have moved here over the years.

THE HERRERO FAMILY - A Safe Community  

"I remember the first couple nights that we lived here. I remember telling him how much safer I felt almost immediately."  -Taylor Herrero


THE CLARKS - Fun with Family

"Our ‘why’ is our grandbabies. We just love Frisco. It’s beautiful and it’s modern and we just thought it was such a vibrant city." - Christina Clark 


THE IYERS - Opportunities to Thrive

"I’m in healthcare IT and I see there are a lot of opportunities here; and also, there are a lot of companies moving to Dallas-Frisco recently, so we feel overall the job opportunities are great as well." - Krithika Iyer

WHY have folks from near and far flocked to Frisco over the years? Below are just a few benefits of living here!

Amenities:  Frisco has so many things to see and do!
- 1,600 acres of park land and 90 miles of hike & bike trails
- Sports City USA: 5 professional sports teams
- Future home of the PGA of America's headquarters
- Shopping, dining and museums

Cost of living: The City's tax rate of $0.4466 represents one of the lowest property tax rates among Texas cities with a population of 50,000+.  

Economy: With a median household income of $116,884 and a pre-COVID unemployment rate of 3.6%, job growth has remained steady. WalletHub ranked Frisco as No. 1 in job growth among U.S. mid-sized cities in October 2019.  Key factors included the increase in number of businesses and startups, and growth in number of technology companies.

Health & Safety:  The Frisco Police Department and Frisco Fire Department are both nationally accredited. Frisco Dispatch is 1 of 100 accredited communication divisions in the U.S.  The city's "Closest To" dispatch methodology is designed to reduce first responder response times by as much as 30%.  Frisco Fire holds an ISO #1 rating, the highest insurance rating, for fire protection, water and dispatch services. The city's custom and internationally award-winning SAFER initiative provides real-time data and video for first responders during emergency response to FISD schools. 

Housing & Green Living: Frisco has a variety of types of housing for all stages of life. The average assessed home value is $438,104. Frisco also has a focus on sustainability in building. We are the first city in the U.S. to mandate Energy Star standards for new homes, starting in 2001. 

We are also water wise and recycling smart! The city has accomplished a 46% reduction in water consumption since 2000, performed more than 31,600 free irrigation system checkups since 2006, and recycled 23,300+ tons in 2018. 

Education: Frisco is home to a highly educated workforce. More than 63% of adults 25 and older hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher level of education. Many professionals seek out Frisco to live because of the highly-rated public school education provided by Frisco Independent School District (FISD) to raise the next generation of skilled professionals. Private, public and charter school education are all available in Frisco. 

Fiscal Responsibility: The City of Frisco manages taxpayer funds wisely and with transparency. Frisco is one of about 8% of cities in the U.S. with the highest municipal bond rating possible - Aaa. (Moody's, 2018) and, a Standard and Poor's bond rating of AAA in 2019. The city also provides two online resources for taxpayers: MyTaxDollars.FriscoTexas.gov and FriscoTexas.gov/CheckRegister

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