Man working on a meter The Meter Division is responsible for the installation of residential and commercial meters, as well as the distribution of fire hydrant meters. The Meter Division reads, repairs, replaces, and helps customers understand how water meters work. This division is implementing AMR to AMI meter conversion and a meter change-out program. The Meter Division takes pride in the accurate reading of every meter, every month, as a way to promote water conservation.

Man in car with meter reading equipmentAMR to AMI Meter Conversion The Meter Division currently reads your meter with by radio transmitters on all existing meters. This device allows our meter readers with special computer receivers to read meters by slowly driving down the street. The meter readings are transmitted by radio to the computer and then downloaded into the utility billing software. Frisco is now in the process of converting all meters from AMR (radio signal) to AMI (cellular signal) to make reporting more accurate, while reducing costs. This video explains the conversion process.

Worker checking a meter

Meter Change Out Program

In February 2005, the Public Works Department began its meter change out program as recommended by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). These recommendations suggest water meters be changed out every 10 years on residential and commercial properties. For questions regarding the program, please call 972-292-5800.

Meters On-Call

Did you know the Meters Division has an employee on-call 24/7 year-round? If you need assistance after regular business hours, please call the Public Works Department at 972-292-5800, and the on-call technician will be dispatched to your home or business.