Downtown Street Improvements and Plaza Project

Progress continues on the development of conceptual designs to improve streets through Downtown and to create a 4th Street Plaza. The project is part of the Downtown Master Plan Update (PDF), approved by the City Council in 2018.

Watch a Progress in Motion video of the Downtown Redevelopment Project.

Three key elements provide a framework to make the downtown area more pedestrian friendly: 

Phase 1: Elm Street
Phase 2: Main Street 
Phase 3: 4th Street Plaza

Elm Street 
(1st Street to South County Road)
Construction is happening now with estimated completion in Q4 2023.

The intersection of Elm Street and 3rd Street will be closed to traffic on Thursday, June 29, and will remain closed for about three weeks. During the closure, each block approaching this intersection will be a dead-end street and limited to local traffic only.  

Image_3rd and Elm Stree Intersection Closure

The project will reconstruct Elm Street into a concrete roadway, including: 

  • parallel parking 
  • sidewalk 
  • storm drain
  • street lighting
  • traffic signal improvements (5th/Elm)

Main Street 

(1st Street to South County Road
Construction is anticipated to start in Q2 of 2024. Estimated project completion Q4 of 2025.

  • sidewalk widening
  • removal of parking spaces
  • full depth paving replacement
  • traffic signal improvements (Main/South County)

4th Street Plaza   

The plaza will serve as a pedestrian connection between Elm and Main streets and provide a community gathering space.

The design phase is in progress. Estimated project completion is Q4 of 2025.

Notes Concerning Construction Activity

Safety in the project area is a priority. Please respect all signs and construction zones, and slow down when driving by. Barricades will be in place when concrete is poured and as it cures. Avoiding contact with concrete during this process will minimize delays in construction.

Construction schedules change for a number of reasons, sometimes with little notice. Please understand there will be changes. We appreciate your patience.

Capital Improvement Project Dashboard

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