Filing Charges

Learn the Process to File a Barking Dog Criminal Charge

  • Step 1: Speak with your neighbor. Attempt to resolve the issue before involving Animal Control or the Police.
  • Step 2: Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., call Animal Control with the physical address of the barking dog. A notification letter will be mailed to the dog owner informing him/her of the violation.
  • Step 3: If after 14 days from the initial complaint the noise has not stopped, call Animal Control and an officer will be dispatched to begin an investigation. If the Animal Control Officer is not able to verify the complaint, no citations will be issued.
  • Step 4: For any further noise violations, the complainant must complete and submit to Animal Control the Barking Dog Incident Report (PDF) and Log (PDF). Keep copies of the documents. The specific details of the violation must be documented by the complainant. Evidence such as video or audio tapes may also be submitted. Additional witnesses to the violation must complete their own separate forms.
  • Step 5: The evidence submitted by the complainant will be reviewed by the Animal Control and Prosecutor's Office. If there is sufficient evidence for probable cause, citations may be issued to the dog's owner.
  • Step 6: The complainant will be notified of the trial location and time. The complainant must be present in court to testify to the validity of the evidence submitted or the case will be dismissed.