myFrisco Opens in new windowIrrigation is responsible for Irrigation Plan Review, Irrigation Inspections, the FREE Sprinkler System Checkup program and Water Waste Prevention in the City of Frisco.

Please use myFRISCO app to schedule a free sprinkler system checkup or to report water waste.

Beginning January 2023, WaterWise implemented scheduling changes to the free sprinkler system checkup program.

  • Residential addresses with an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) as their last digit can schedule a free checkup in odd number years.
  • Residential addresses with an even number (0, 2, 4, 6 and 8) as their last digit can schedule a free checkup in even number years.

Schedule your checkup today! Appointments fill quickly during the summer months.  

The WaterWise free sprinkler system checkup program began in 2006 with one licensed irrigator. The program is very popular with Frisco residents and saves homeowners millions of gallons of water. Today, a team of six licensed irrigators performs over 4,000 checkups annually. Learn more about free sprinkler system checkups.

Do you have questions about your sprinkler system? Our licensed irrigators are here to help! Email [email protected] or call the Public Works Department at 972-292-5800.


Irrigation Backflow

Irrigation Backflow Replacement Permits are processed by Public Works. Permits can be requested in e-Trakit or by contacting the Public Works Department.

Irrigation Inspections

All permits require electronic review. This includes the installation of new irrigation systems, alterations or additions to existing systems and repairs.                                                                                

Before scheduling your inspection you must have a valid permit and have passed your backflow inspection.

Backflow must be approved prior to scheduling an irrigation inspection. Questions? Email Backflow, or call 972-292-5800.

To apply for an Irrigation Permit, please visit the Electronic Permit Review portal

Irrigation Plan Review

For questions related to plan reviews, call Public Works 972-292-5800.