Safety Education Resources

Fire & Life Safety

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National Fire Protection Association Safety Tip Sheets
Locate safety information on a wide range of topics.
This is a fun and interactive website for kids with fire safety related activities. or call 1-800-222-1222
Poison Control offers expert help for possible poisoning and related information.  A new, online tool can help determine if 911 should be called.

Safe Kids Worldwide
Find tips for everything from booster seats to bikes, pedestrians to playgrounds.

Take the Safety Pledge to be a safe pedestrian.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Check for product recalls and other consumer safety related information.

Backpack Emergency  Card
The CDC recommends completing a backpack emergency card for your child's backpack to have your contact information readily available in the event of any emergency. 

Water Safety

Water Watcher Card -- Pick one up at any Frisco Fire Station.
Take the Pool Safely Pledge, access safety information for parents plus find kid friendly educational videos and an app.
Find safety tips for kids, statistics for drownings, and other educational and prevention related materials. 

FFD's Water Watcher Cards

Water Watcher Card

Severe Weather Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Severe Weather and Disaster Preparedness

Severe weather, hazards, violence, and epidemics are all covered here.

National Weather Service
Check weather around the country and find weather safety information.

NOAA Weather Radio Programming Information and Instructions

Lighting Safety Tip Sheet                                           Flood Preparedness Tip Sheet

Severe Weather 101 - National  Severe Storms Laboratory provides in depth knowledge about a variety of severe weather including severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, hail, winds and more.

Health Related

Pulse Point
The City of Frisco has adopted Pulse Point as a community based tool to empower its citizen's to provide life saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Download the free PulsePoint app and register as a someone who can administer CPR and AED.

Want to take a refresher on CPR/AED?  Visit our CPR page to sign up for the next awareness class. (This is a non-certification class;  no cards are issued.)

Pulse Point graphic
File of life Graphic

File of Life
A non-profit organization offering life-saving ideas. This site explains the importance of having the file of life in your home. File of Life holders/cards can be picked up at any Frisco Fire Station lobby, free of charge. Each person in a household will need his/her own holder/card.  Print a replacement card.

Pharmaceutical and Used Sharps Disposal Information
Find out about proper methods for disposing of used prescription pills as well as used needles and syringes. Prescription medication disposal can be done at the city’s Quarterly Chunk Your Junk events.  For other North Texas locations, please visit this database of drop off locations

Red Cross
This website provides tips on preparedness, CPR and more.

American Heart Association
Heart health awareness, CPR and more

Motor Vehicle Safety 

Texas Department of Public Safety
Booster seat laws and other Texas Public Safety information

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Vehicle and roadway safety related topics
Car Seat Inspection Station information

Senior Safety

This site offers preparedness tips for seniors to assist with planning for emergencies.  

AARP's Seven Tips to Help EMT's Save You
This article provides seven tips to inform seniors of what to do and not to do prior to having EMS personnel arrive at your home on response to a 9-1-1 call.

U.S.F.A. Fire Safety Check List
United State Fire Administration's home fire safety checklist can be  a great tool to use in home fire prevention and safety planning. 

File of Life --information can be found above in the Health Related topics section.