Network Node Permit

On August 15, 2017, City Council approved an Amendment to the Code of Ordinances, Part II, Chapter 78 (Right-of-Way Management) to adopt the Design Manual for the Installation of Network Nodes and Node Support Poles (pdf).

Map of all issued Network Nodes

The map shows the locations of all issued network nodes for applicant to ensure that any new proposed node poles meet the 300' spacing rule as stated in the design manual (pdf).

*Please allow at least one minute for the map to load completely.

Follow the NEW Network Node Permit application procedures to obtain a Network Node Permit.

All Network Node permits require electronic review. As specified in Chapter 284, network node providers must receive an approved Network Node Permit prior to obtaining a ROW permit to install a network node within the public right-of-way (ROW). 

Network Node Permit Application Submittal Requirements and Tips

  1. Follow the instructions on the Plans & Permits webpage to create an account in the Plans and Permits portal
  2. To submit a Network Node permit application, follow the procedures outlined on Submit an Application (pdf)
  3. All required fields on the application marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in or the application cannot be submitted successfully.
  4. All applicants or contractors listed in the Network Node permit application must be registered as a Right-of-Way contractor for the permit application to be submitted.  Registering as a Right-of-Way contractor is free and instructions on how to register are here.
  5. Network Node Providers have four installation options within the public right-of-way (ROW). The application checklists summarize the information required for each type of network node installation and the specific files with standard naming convention required per submittal type.
  1. Upload and attach all required permit documents and plans as outlined per the installation type checklist (in PDF format) as instructed in the How to Upload Files (pdf). The uploaded files must follow the Naming Convention (pdf) to process the permit review.  
  2. Each application can include up to 30 network nodes; however, it can only contain one type of installation in the public ROW. Each application must include the submittal of the NN Application Fee Form.  View the state fees for network nodes.
  3. Installation cannot occur in public right-of-way located in Design Districts and Parks without the prior written consent of the City.
  4. To request record (as-built) drawings, email [email protected] and follow the request instructions as specified on the Request Record Drawings webpage.
  5. GIS Data Submittal Requirements - Network providers must submit GIS data associated with poles and network nodes. Download one of the GIS data structures as a template and complete for proper submittal. Once the spreadsheet is populated with the required attributes listed below, a file named “GIS”, which must be a .csv type file is required to be uploaded as part of the network node permit application submittal process.

The following attributes are required for data approval:

  • Project Number
  • Pole Type 
  • Pole Install Type
  • Network Node Physical Width
  • Node Number
  • Pole Sub Type
  • Network Node Type
  • Network Node Physical Height
  • Longitude
  • Pole Owner
  • Network Node Owner

  • Latitude
  • Pole Height
  • Network Node Base Mounting Height

Prior to final inspection, email the ROW Inspector the following GIS attributes for the poles and nodes installed as a .csv type file.

  • Permit Number
  • Pole Install Date
  • Pole Image
  • Network Node Serial Number
  • Network Node Image

When a permit is not required under the circumstances described in Section 284.157(a) of Chapter 284, the Provider is required to notify the City a minimum of 72 hours in advance of beginning work. However, if the Provider's work requires excavation or closing of sidewalks or vehicular lanes within the public ROW, then the Provider is required to obtain a ROW permit.

Collocation Process

  1. Company must include an exhibit that shows the location of the pole that they want to collocate on and a photo simulation of what it will look like with the network node on it.
  2. Company will obtain the latest standard Collocation Agreement (pdf) form from City’s Website.
  3. Company will edit the Agreement and enter the particular information concerning their request.
  4. Company shall send over a PDF version of the Agreement via email ROW Tech with their signature on their portion of the agreement PDF must be clear and legible.
  5. The ROW Manager will review the agreement and forward to the City’s attorney for review and approval.
  6. The City’s attorney will review it and return the agreement to the ROW Manager. All correspondence between the City attorney and the Company will go through the ROW Manager until both parties are in agreement and have signed it.
  7. The ROW Manager will forward the signed agreement to the City Secretary for both the City Manager and City Secretary to sign.
  8. Once the agreement is fully executed, the city management staff will send it back to the ROW Manager, who will forward it to the company.
  9. The company can then submit their application for the network node installation with a copy of the fully executed Collocation Agreement (pdf).