Bulk Trash Pickup (Call to Schedule)

What is Bulk Trash Pickup?

Bulk trash pick-up is a service offered by the City for items that are too large to fit in your trash can. Up to (5) items can be accepted for your once monthly pickup. These items are to be placed where your regular recycle and trash carts are serviced (curbside or alleyside),  we cannot go onto private property. Bulk waste pick-up is offered on your regular recycle and trash pickup day of either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of each month. The specific day depends on where you live in the city. To find your Bulk Waste Pick-up day visit the City of Frisco interactive GIS General Map and select the layer for ’Bulky Waste Pick-up’ under ’City Services’. In order to have your bulk items collected, call 972-292-5900 to schedule a pickup. You can schedule your bulk collection anytime during open office hours up to noon on the business day before your collection.

Recycling and Trash Service Days

What Counts as An ’Item’

An item is a single separate object that is too large to fit in the trash container but limited to items that will fit inside the trash trucks. For example, if you have a desk that is broken into 2 sections it’s 2 items. Trash in boxes/bags is not accepted as bulk items.

As this program is intended for items too large to fit into your bin, if you have extra bags of trash, you can schedule for your bins to be serviced an extra time in the week ($22.80 on your recycling day or $35.80 on another weekday), drop your extra bags off at the Custer Road Transfer Station free of charge twice a month, or you can contact the city’s provider or any private waste hauler for a paid pick-up. If having too much trash is a consistent issue, check what is in your trash - according to the EPA up to 75% of the waste generated in the United States could be recycled! To increase your residential services (add an extra recycle OR trash cart), please fill out the online form.

What Items Aren’t Accepted?

We cannot accept any Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), electronic waste, recyclable materials, or construction or remodeling waste.

Examples of items we cannot accept include (this is not a complete list, please call in to verify your items and schedule your pick-up):

  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Televisions
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Carpet (limited to one 6x6 section)
  • Fencing or boards (limited to one panel or 5 loose boards)

Are There Size/ Weight Restrictions?

Items can’t be longer than 6 feet in any direction and can’t weigh more than 50 pounds.