Virtual Health

Virtual health allows you to see a doctor by using your video enabled device.  You can see a Doctor for minor health conditions, behavioral health support and prescriptions can also be written.  In addition, to minor health conditions, you can also have a virtual wellness visit through the virtual provider MD Live, with your lab work completed at LabCorp or Quest facility near you.  Virtual health is free for medical enrolled employees and their medical enrolled dependents.

Your cost is FREE with a Virtual Visit.

You can access virtual health services through your account online through a video-enabled computer device, the MyCigna App on your smart phone, or download the specific MD Live App. *If you download the MD Live app, you will need to create an account and enter in your Cigna Member ID number. 

There is also an option for a Virtual Dental Care benefit. You must be enrolled in the Cigna Dental PPO Plan to be eligible for the FREE visit. 

Navigating to Virtual Health services through

  • You must have a account to utilize virtual health.
  • Register for a account online.
  • Login to your MyCigna account.
    • If you login using web-browser with a video-enabled computer, you will see further down on your MyCigna Home page the option to "Talk to a Doctor or Nurse 24/7". Click on the "Connect Now" to access the Virtual Health services.
    • If you login using your MyCigna App from a smartphone/device, you will have to click on "Find Care" option near the bottom of the application.  From there, you will have the option to "Talk to a Doctor 24/7". This is your access to virtual health services through the application. 

Some of the benefits of using virtual health services include 24/7 access to medical care that can help with common conditions that are non-Urgent or non-ER related, the ability to get a prescription written from a doctor when appropriate, and the ability to obtain a note to excuse absences for school-aged children.  

Some common virtual health services  include: 


Sinus Infections

Respiratory Problems 

Stomach Flu


Strep Throat

Urinary Tract Infection

and more...