Wellness Program

Employees enrolled in one of the City's medical plans are eligible to participate. Our medical plans are self-insured. The City pays for all the claims incurred. The City's Wellness program helps award employees for their efforts toward achieving better health and reducing our overall risk of high medical and prescription claims. 

Employees submit and complete wellness actions during the wellness year (11/1/2023 - 10/31/2024) to earn incentives offered in the following calendar year (2025). These actions include:

  • Completing and submitting a biometric screening to our Employee Wellness Center
  • Testing negative for Cotinine (tobacco) or completing Tobacco Coaching as the alternative

New! - There is no longer a requirement to meet certain health measures with biometrics submitted. We have simplified our program to award employees who complete and submit biometrics and/or test negative for Cotinine (tobacco) within the wellness year time frame.

  • For Completing and/or submitting biometrics within the Wellness Year:
    • $20 per paycheck off your medical deductions. This reduces how much you pay medical plan coverage per paycheck in 2025
    • $400 for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) in 2025 
  • For Testing Negative for Cotinine (tobacco) or completing 4 Weeks of  Cigna Tobacco-Coaching within the Wellness Year:
    • $45 per paycheck off your medical deductions. This reduces how much you pay for the medical plan coverage per paycheck in 2025
    • $400 for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) in 2025

How to get Started:

Employees can schedule a biometric and cotinine screening appointment with the Employee Wellness Center. Appointments must be scheduled through the www.mypremisehealth.com account online. 

If you get your annual physical/bloodwork done with your own doctor, you can earn the biometric portion of the incentives by submitting a Physician form to the Employee Wellness Center. Download a copy of our 2024 Physician Form and send this to the Employee Wellness Center to earn this incentive. View our Guide to sending forms to the Wellness Center here: Guide to Adding Documents or Forms to Epic

Important: Cotinine tests can only be done with the Employee Wellness Center. It is not a common test done by other Providers and the Employee Wellness Center does not charge a cost to these tests. The test is short and is by mouth swab. Should mouth swab supplies exhaust, the Wellness center is able to do this by blood test or you can wait until they have replenished their supply. Do not wait until the end of the wellness year to get this done.

šŸŽGive Yourself a Birthday Gift

Our wellness program has been simplified. It no longer requires that you meet certain health measures. There is no need to wait until the end of the wellness year to get this done. Schedule your biometrics and cotinine appointment around your birth month or sooner. This will help you remember to get these actions done before the wellness year ends.  Appointments with the Wellness Center in October and November tend to fill up fast and supplies get exhausted quickly. Make sure you aim to get these actions done earlier in the wellness year. It will save you the trouble and worry about completing the program before program end on October 31st.

Tobacco-Free Incentive and the Reasonable Alternative Standard Program (RAS):

Employees need to test negative with the Employee Wellness Center for Cotinine to earn this premium incentive and the HRA dollars associated with it.

If you know you are going to test positive, you can bypass testing for cotinine and go straight to completing our Reasonable Alternative Standard Program (RAS). If you test positive for cotinine, you can earn the incentive by alternative means through the RAS program.

Our RAS program is through Cigna's Lifestyle Management Program on Tobacco Coaching. You can get started on this telephonic coaching program by calling 800-244-6224 with Cigna to get set up with a coach for their tobacco coaching program. The City's RAS program requires that 4 coaching calls be completed in order to earn this incentive by alternative means. Cigna will send the City coaching completion reports. View our RAS program flyer here for information:  2024 Lifestyle Management Tobacco Coaching - Cigna Program

Keep in mind, the closer we reach October 31, the less time an employee has to complete a RAS to earn incentives for the next calendar year.

Regarding Uniformed Fire and Police Employees:

Uniformed Fire and Police complete their biometric screening and cotinine testing through their occupational physical with the City. The Wellness Center will ask these staff members to complete a form to allow their biometric data to be added to the personal health record with Epic (electronic medical record). This allows these members to view their results on their own through their accounts on the Mypremisehealth mobile app. 

Important: For uniformed staff on a modified duty status and are not able to complete their annual physical within the wellness year, please ensure you schedule a separate biometric and cotinine appointment with the wellness center through your www.mypremisehealth.com account before the wellness year ends. These separate appointments will  help you earn incentives through the wellness program and will be separate from your occupational physical with the City.

Wellness Program Documents