Fire Permit Guidelines

Permit Submittal Guidelines

To provide an efficient plan submittal and review process, the Frisco Fire Department Fire Prevention Office offers the information below as an understanding of the submittal procedures and requirements. The submitting contractor is responsible for complying with all local adopted codes, standards and amendments. These guidelines are only to assist in the submittal procedures and are not to be interpreted as containing all data, codes and standards required for proper system design and/or approval. Submittals require the completion of the Permit Application. Plans will not be received without a completed application.

Submit Fire Permits Online

New! All fire permits shall be submitted through our secure portal. (Please review submittal procedures below.)

The minimum submittal shall consist of the following and should be labeled accordingly.  Submit each item as one (1) document in PDF format.  Do not include any special characters in title of document (*&^%$#@!)

1. Permit Application (PDF) and State Registration Certificate

  • LABEL: Permit Application_Project Name_Project Address_Permit Typ
    (Example - Permit Application and State Registration_ABC School_123 First St_Fire Sprinkler.pdf)

2. Data Material and Specifications

  • LABEL: Data Material and Specifications_Project Name_Permit Type
    (Example - Data Material and Specifications_ABC School_123 First St _Fire Sprinkler.pdf)

3. Calculations (Sprinkler plans must include site plan)

  • LABEL: Calculations (site plan if applicable)Project Name_Project Address_Permit Type
    (Example - Calculations and Site Plan_ABC School_123 First St_Fire Sprinkler.pdf)

4. Plans

  • LABEL: Plans_Project Name_Project Address_Permit Type
    (Example - Plans_ABC School_123 First St_Fire Sprinker.pdf)

5. Other (Anything that does not fall into one of the above categories)

  • LABEL: Other_ABC School_123 First St_Fire Sprinkler)
    (Example - Other_ABC School_123 First St_Fire Sprinkler.pdf) 

For electronic plan review all submittals must include minimum documentation. Review these guidelines to assist in proper submittal. Please note that failure to follow guidelines may result in the application not being accepted. 

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Permit Payment Information

  • You will be notified when your plan review is complete and ready for payment.  Payments are processed via eTRAKIT. 
  • All contractors/applicants need a registration number to apply for permits. Before starting, look up your registration number or create an account